Demonstration & Student Deployment Session

Use Lif-O-Gen Automated First Aid Oxygen Trainer-Demo unit.
(Alternatively, may use existing mounted unit at facility.)


INSTRUCTOR Demonstration:

1.) Comment unit is automated, meaning just pulling the unit out of its cradle turns on the oxygen flow & deploys the tubing & mask, ready to use. No adjustments, no assembly.

2.) Point out components of unit; (lift mask compartment door) showing mask/tubing, then red/ green flow indicator showing red, & time-remaining gauge showing actual reading in minutes remaining.

3.) Deploy the unit. Point out flow indicator now green & note oxygen hiss. Point out one-way valve on mask. Point out strap. Stop flow with portable pin, then remove to restart.

4.) Comment: if rescue breathing not to be provided, may remove the one-way valve. If infant or small child, rotate mask half circle to fit over nose and mouth. If mask aversion, hold just adjacent to mouth. If rescue breathing is to be provided, use mask as taught in CPR training.

5.) Store unit back in cradle ready for students.

6.) Comment on mask cleaning or disposal/replacement.


STUDENT Deployment:

1.) With instructor holding back handles firmly student pulls unit out of cradle & notes flow indicator in green.

2.) Instructor stores unit back in cradle.

3.) Student reads time-remaining gauge.


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