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Link to the
Lif-O-Gen Demo
& Training Video
on You Tube

Link to You Tube Video Demonstration
( 46-second video )

.mov format

Dr G's Sample movie - How to use the Emergency Oxygen Unit
( 46-second video )

Automated First Aid Oxygen Training
* Training tailored to & specific for Lif-O-Gen® Automated First Aid Oxygen

With the purchase of each Lif-O-Gen® Automated First Aid Oxygen Unit, we include six blended training sessions with Certification in the price. Once you have completed the sequence under HOW IT WORKS, we will award a 24-month Certification, which satisfies both FDA & OSHA requirements. Otherwise, the cost is $6.00 for each Certification.

If you don't need Certification (eg: licensed healthcare professionals), we still STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to go thru the Training process.

TOTAL TIME 15-20 minutes, including practical at your location!


1.) VIEW 46 sec. Demo & Training video.
2.) READ first 12 Questions/Answers (Academic Component) of the Training Curriculum
(2nd 12 Questions/Answers are elective).
3.) READ student Deployment Session (Practical Component).
4.) PERFORM (after reading label) an actual deployment & re-storage with the unit at a location of your choice.
5.) E-MAIL affirmation Form with your name, date & purchaser OR owner of the unit.
6.) CERTIFICATION will be e-mailed to you.

Distributors: The Lif-O-Gen® Automated Unit plus Training Package, is also available to you.
Please call: 610-398-7460 for more information.

Lif-O-Gen® manufactured in USA by:
~ Allied Healthcare Products Inc.
St Louis, MO ~
Allied manufactures critical care respiratory support equipment, eg: ventilators.

Link to Lif-O-Gen Automated information Page
Lif-O-Gen® Automated (Formerly TXO2 ®)
Cradle - Wall Mount Unit
- Features below:

Completely Automated Deployment
Refillable Oxygen Cylinder
45-minutes when full, 6.5 LPM
Pocket mask for breathing and non-breathing (rescue breathing)
Integrated Red/Green Flow Indicator
Time-Remaining Gauge, Color Coded

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